Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Have you ever set foot on an airplane or helicopter and then the moment that it’s about to take off, you are covered in cold sweat and feel as if you are about to collapse or get sick or your heart is racing? There might be other symptoms that you are suffering from a panic attack.

Those are symptoms of aerophobia or aviophobia. You have an excessive or unreasonable fear of flying which you share with one out of ten people in the whole population. Those are just documented figures, but experts believe that the percentage is much higher. Something like 30 percent of the population.



The phobia of getting on a plane or a helicopter could be traced to childhood. It can come out during adulthood because of specific triggers such as news of planes crashing with hundreds of passengers on board or helicopters being shot down by missiles.

Or you might have had the experience on a plane with a rough landing or your plane flew through a storm while there was heavy turbulence. But these are very rare.

The truth is, when it comes to statistics, air travel is the least likely mode of transportation to figure in an accident or as a cause of death. You can help yourself by researching more about this unnecessary type of fear.


If you have this kind of phobia, it will make you decide to do a lot of impractical things.

If you need to travel from Florida to California which is tens of thousands of miles away, the most practical form of travel is by airplane. But because of this illogical fear which consumes you, you would rather travel by car, train or bus which would take you several days to reach your destination.


You will be wasting a lot of time on the road if you don’t travel by air. Statistics show that car accidents are even more probable to happen than air travel accidents. Actually, by a much larger percentage of probability.

You’ll miss out also to see the beauty of the world when you’re up in the air and float above the clouds. Also, if you happen to travel on a plane during sunrise or sunset, you will be able to experience the magical beauty of the heavens in all its golden magnificence.

You may miss out on job opportunities or vacationing with your family.


You might have sought professional help and you were prescribed medication to ease your phobia. You might have also been advised to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugary food several hours before your scheduled flight. Consuming them will increase your anxiousness.

You might even book the perfect seat on the plane which enables you to exit the plane first before everyone else.

You heeded all of these or even other types of advice but still, your heart palpitates, your muscles become stiff and you are still shaking uncontrollably once you get on your next plane or even think about booking the flight.

Have you ever heard of Hypnosis for Fear of Flying? It might just be the solution you’re looking for all throughout your life!

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It is a type of effective and proven scientifically based hypnosis that can release all the fears and phobias that you have about flying.

Our hypnosis professional Tammy at St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center LLC has dealt with several cases of flying fears throughout the years. She has the proven methods to eliminate your fear of flying, or at the very least, set you in a much lesser state of anxiousness before you board a plane or helicopter.

Through our techniques (which have helped countless fear of flying clients throughout the years achieve a better quality of life), we will suggest to you that your fears are sourced or rooted elsewhere in your subconscious. And we will work with you on eliminating those fears once and for all so that you can enjoy the convenience of flying.

We will also work with you in understanding that there’s no real danger in boarding a plane and in completing your travel plans from one location to another, up in the air. That the plane has been thoroughly checked by certified aviation mechanics and professionals before it is being allowed to take off.

These, and other effective suggestions, through fear of flying hypnosis.


You are missing out too much in life by letting your flying fears consume you. Make St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center LLC and Tammy your partner in erasing permanently these fears.

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