Hypnosis for Procrastination

Is Procrastination a Problem for You?

Picture yourself.

You might have the attitude of putting things off on a major scale that it is already negatively affecting your professional life or your family life. This might be because you have this fear of failure that is already preset into your subconscious mindset.

You keep on delaying your projects and activities that are important for your personal welfare and for other people that you care for. Wouldn’t it be disastrous if something bad happens because of your neglect?

Hypnosis Consultation

Hypnosis for Procrastination

Act now before everything is too late. Program your mind. Change your world. Try the proven method of Hypnosis for Procrastination.

Hypnosis reprograms a quiet and strong foundation to your beliefs. That will guide you and teach you that you should not delay any projects that you have been thinking about accomplishing or need to get done.

You will see some noticeable changes in your life and your attitude of getting things done now.

You will see that when you work on something, you will have the character of strapping down in your overalls and getting back to work. And you will have the attitude that what you are doing is not work, but something pleasant, and oftentimes, a passion. Hypnosis for procrastination will provide you with that positive attitude that you will carry with you for a long time.

You will love the hypnosis sessions and you will look forward to them because you will realize afterwards that they are very beneficial to you.

After a few sessions, Tammy will not only be your hypnotist, but you may think of her as your subconscious guide. She will develop a rapport that will make Hypnosis for Procrastination very effective and make a transformation in your life.

What Really is Procrastination?

Let’s get to the root of the word Procrastination. It is derived from the Latin verb procrastinare which means to put off until the next day.

But to dig deeper, it is more than just delaying voluntarily. Procrastination is also derived from the old Greek word akrasia which means doing something which conflicts with your better judgment. In other words, it is more like inflicting Self Harm by delaying.

Have you really contemplated the toxic effects of procrastination and what it is doing to your life, your future and to the welfare of the people you love?

You might be trying other alternatives like reading self-help books, surrounding yourself with productive people or drinking stimulants like coffee to provide you with adrenaline boosters.

They may help in the beginning, but the spirit of procrastination always catches up with you. And again, you go back to square one and maybe feel like you have failed.

When you procrastinate, it is not really about laziness. It is all about lack of self-awareness which makes you feel bad and has the effect of you putting things off.

You avoid the task, and you know that it is a bad idea but you still do it anyway. It is completely irrational, and you also know that it will have grave consequences, but still you delay.

Don’t insult yourself. You are not lazy; you don’t have a character flaw and you’re not cursed with the inability to manage your time. It is something deeper.

You have simply not been able to recognize the negative moods which surround a task that needs to be done. You have not dealt with them squarely.

In effect, procrastination should be confronted as an emotion-based problem, not a time management concern. Looking at it this way, Hypnosis for Procrastination will transform your life!

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P. B.

Impactful! Life Saver!

*Two days after my first session I stopped smoking easily. It’s been three weeks now and I’ve not had a problem staying off nicotine. Tami is very friendly and very professional and as far as I’m concerned, a life saver! If YOU want to make a change this is a great place to invest in yourself.

Susan A Progen

Thank you St. Pete. Hypnosis – quit smoking as of 1 year March 8

*I quit smoking for 1 year as of March 8 and I have St Pete Hypnosis and Tammy to thank for that. The place is awesome and I can not thank her enough for helping me make this happen.  She made it so easy and so comfortable and so worth it.  I can’t thank you enough.  I would refer you to anyone.

R. C.

Excellent, professional, kind and full of positive energy

*I had an excellent experience. Tammy is professional, kind and full of positive energy. I highly recommend her you want to quit smoking.


Amazingly no cravings. Hypnosis sessions were worth it.

*I went to Tammy to quit smoking about 5 months ago. I am still happily smoke free! It’s amazing that I haven’t had cravings. The thought to smoke occasionally occurs but I’m easily able to say “No!” I am definitely satisfied and feel the hypnosis sessions were worth it.

Deb C.

Best hypnosis I’ve ever experienced! She is THAT good!

*Wow!… Tammy is amazing! I was hypnotized by her 5 years ago and came back to her with a different issue because she is that good! The whole experience with the headphones and Tammy’s voice was phenomenal! She’s given me the best hypnosis I’ve ever experienced!

J. H.

Life Changing

*Absolutely Life Changing. I Am enjoying life much more now and appreciating all that comes my way. If you want to change what is around you and the experiences you have you must verse change your habits and thoughts inside. Tammy is a wonderful person and will help you see that.

K. V.

I’m a Believer

*I have had two sessions with Tammy to deal with anxiety issues. I am feeling so much more relaxed and have a positive state of mind. Tammy put me at ease, answered my questions directly and truly seems to care about my success. I am very pleased with this experience.

E. Nolan

Wonderful and amazing experience

*Hypnotherapy has changed my life for the positive! This is a must do for anyone suffering with weight management, positivity, health and smoking! Tammy has a true gift to help others through hypnosis.

Steve M.

What an experience! Health, Wealth, Success Hypnosis

*This was an incredible experience! Health, wealth, success hypnosis. Tammy is unbelievable and have never been in that state in my life. She was extremely helpful and customized exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Tammy, I will be back!

Rhonda S

I feel amazing!!!

*After two stop smoking treatments I feel great! More relaxed in general than I have felt in some time. Tammy is so fantastic! She’s funny, inviting, engaging… Most of all supportive and comforting. I’m terribly excited for my last appointment tomorrow and looking forward to a smoke free lunch life! Thank you so much Tammy!

Donna P

Can you say amazing?!

*Met Tammy for the first time yesterday. Feel like I’ve known her all my life. She is so real and down to earth. Can’t wait to work with her, and use her as a very important tool in my weight “release” journey.


Hypnosis for motivation. It worked great!

Great & fast results ! I went to hypnosis to try and get myself motivated, I wanted to get there but needed a little push, so I tried hypnosis. It worked great ! The sessions are very calming and comforting and without even realizing it on the spot, your subconscious takes in whatever you want to work on ! Come in ready to change what you want to change and the tailored session will bring results much faster than you might think !


Surprised … Just staying open and it worked!

*It was my first time. I was skeptical but hopeful. On the drive home I was surprised to find positive thoughts coming into my mind. I wasn’t trying to make anything happen, just staying open and it worked! Eight hours later it’s still working.

Susan G

You have changed my life forever! My family and I are so thankful!

I went to see Tammy in pure desperation in order to stop smoking. I had tried everything. I was apprehensive after my first session as I continued to smoke. After my 3rd session with Tammy, I am now a permanent non-smoker! This is my 23rd day! Tammy, you have changed my life forever! My family and I are so thankful! I have bought a treadmill with the money I am saving on the poison!!! You have changed my life!


Very Pleasant Experience

*I needed to see Tammy to control my stress and for weight loss. I had gained a lot in the past year. After talking with her at the consultation, she had already given me “homework” to help with the session I schedule for a week later. The actual session was VERY pleasant. I felt wonderful after I left. I noticed changes the next day. I was not eating as much and felt a sense of well being. I will definitely go back to her!

Kelly Moser

Two Month Update… It works! Changed my life

*Two months still smoke free! IT WORKS! I now am running for the very first time in my life and I joined a gym. Thank you Tamara, so very much. You changed my life.

Michael Reed

She is the Greatest! Whatever problems you might have she can help you overcome them.

*Was having trouble staying focused and also the stress levels that I experienced were becoming overwhelming. Thanks to a session with Tammy, these problems are starting to abate. She has given me techniques to continue fighting these two problems. Whatever problems you might be experiencing, Tammy can help you overcome them. TAMMY IS THE GREATEST!!!


I can’t believe with just one session I even started exercising

*30 years and I haven’t slept thru one whole night until hypnosis.  Tamara’s voice is so peaceful.  I feel so relaxed.  I’m eating healthy and drinking water.  And I even started exercising.  I feel so good about myself.  Don’t have that bloated feeling.

Sue Fear and Stress

Sue Sabella

Highly recommend St. Pete. Hypnosis. I’ve seen dramatic results.

*It’s been a wonderful experience for me and every session I’ve seen dramatic results.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot of fears and blocks released and seen a lot of opportunities open up for me.  I highly recommend you coming.  She has a wonderful soothing voice.


I’m having great success after 2 sessions

*I’m having great success.  Came with the idea of being motivated.  After 2 sessions I haven’t had any potato chips, and cut back on saltines.  Those were biggies for me.  Went to our favorite restaurant and ordered water.  That’s major.  I’m more self confident and very proud of myself.  And close to being motivated to exercise.


Big Help!

*Very Positive experience to assist in my smoking cessation goals. highly recommended! If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Kelly Moser

DID IT WORK? YES!!!!!!! After over 30 years I DON’T SMOKE

*I am on my 3rd day and it has been amazing. After over 30 years of smoking, I can’t believe I DON’T SMOKE! I smell good, I sleep good, I do have cravings but not like I thought I would and they fade so fast Tamara is my angel. I will update you on the progress in a month or so. Thank You


Great experience!

*I did not think I could be hypnotized but boy was I wrong! It was a great experience-hard to describe-but very pleasant and relaxing– also kinda “trippy” to use a phrase from the 60’s lol. Thank you Tammy.


Bridge fear no more. Able to ride across the Skyway and look out at the water with no fear.

*I went to Tammy to get relief from a life-long terror of bridges. After just two sessions, I was less anxious when crossing bridges. After the third session, I was able to ride across the Skyway bridge (which previously had put me in a huddle on the floor of the car) and even look out at the water without being afraid. Thank you, Tammy!

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She gets that you have tried other methods, but they simply were not able to help you. Hypnotherapy has been proven to be very helpful for many subconscious issues like procrastination. We already have had countless satisfied clients who have tried our methods and have come out happy and secure that they can face their life head on, with confidence and passion.

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