Hypnosis For Social Anxiety

In situations where you may need to mingle with other people, social anxiety can take over and can be mentally and physically crippling. It can affect negatively your relationships with your friends and family and may also stunt your career growth. One other extreme effect of social anxiety is you may be reluctant or be fearful to leave the premises of your home.

There is a solution to your problem. There is now the proven treatment of hypnosis for social anxiety. Because social anxiety can also destroy how you look at yourself, there is also self confidence hypnosis which will help you get back to your old productive and cheerful self.



Hypnosis has been a proven and is a very powerful tool which helps change behavior and can manage effectively both your physical and physiological issues associated with your social anxiety disorder.

You may have heard about myths connected with hypnosis, but it has been a valid and proven tool in clinical psychology. Hypnosis can help you relax and has the ability to put you in a state of focused concentration and awareness. When you are in this frame of mind, hypnosis for social anxiety will enhance your ability to accept positive and transforming suggestions that remain embedded with you even when you are no longer in that hypnotic state.


Tammy has helped many clients with social anxiety and self confidence over the years. She offers a free phone consultation to talk to you about hypnosis and what it feels like and then conducts the sessions via Zoom to help you move past your social anxiety.


There are several case studies about hypnosis for social anxiety and self confidence hypnosis that have been published in academic journals. One such recent study discovered that after several months of hypnotherapy, the subjects were able to engage professionally and socially in a manner that was not even remotely possible before the treatment. After a 6 month follow up on the effects of the hypnosis, the gains have been sustained.

Another study involved subjects who don’t want to take medication for their social anxiety. So they accepted the invitation to take part in a study and began hypnotherapy treatment. They used breathing techniques and visualization in conjunction with hypnosis to calm down their anxious feelings. The subjects showed vast improvement after only a month, though they still showed some struggle when they are in the midst of crowds. But after a 60 day follow up on the effects of the hypnosis treatment, they were already free from all symptoms of social anxiety and lack of self confidence.


Clients who accept hypnosis as their social anxiety treatment may be requested to visualize a memory or a situation which calms them. They can reexperience these pleasant memories whenever they need them in the course of their day. The professional hypnotist may also give suggestions to relax and feel calm. The clients are also encouraged to be in control of their emotions during social situations which have provoked anxiety in them. The clients can do these suggestions by themselves, but their hypnosis sessions with Tammy can make these suggestions more powerful and effective because they will receive these messages in a subconscious state.  Confidence is anchored in for when you are out in public.

If you believe hypnotherapy can help you with your social anxiety and self confidence issues, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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