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Here, you can explore firsthand accounts from clients who have experienced transformative sessions with Tammy, our professional hypnosis practitioner. With over 16 years of dedicated experience, Tammy has guided countless individuals through their unique journeys to overcome challenges and achieve personal growth. Her expertise spans a broad range of issues, including smoking cessation, weight management, fear resolution, confidence building, stress and anxiety relief, self-esteem enhancement, and much more. Each review below offers a glimpse into the positive changes our clients have experienced under Tammy’s skilled guidance. Discover what it’s like to work with a seasoned hypnotherapy expert and see how you too can benefit from her profound insight and personalized approach.

Tammy Hypnotist

Tamara Shadday C.Ht.

Consulting Hypnotist in St. Petersburg, Florida

Consulting Hypnotist – Caring, Compassionate, Effective – Life Changing. Change your life by changing your thoughts in your subconscious mind. Effective change NOW.

NLP Certification
Certified Specialist Mental and Emotional Release Therapy
certificate medical hypnotherapy seminar


Amazing experience!

I have been struggling with anxiety since I was about 5 years old (I am now 28) I have tried everything and anything from counseling to medications, to natural remedies with zero results. I tried hypnosis honestly as a last resort, and am so thankful I did. For the first time in a long time I am calm and happy! I was given so many tools to help combat something I have struggled with for so many years! I am forever grateful for this experience!

Kelsey W Jul 12, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019

Excellent Results

I have struggled with anxiety on and off for years. I tried Hypnosis as a last resort, and so far so good. I am not anxious and I am also more cognizant of my health choices. my anxiety has caused me to graze and eat almost at a sub conscious level I am able to think about everything I put in my mouth and make better choices.

Joseph D Aug 9, 2021
Customer since Jun 2021

Thank you, Tammy!

I have recently returned to hypnosis to help emerge into the post-covid world, which I have found very difficult. Having been a client of Tammy’s in the past, I felt confident that the sessions would help. I am all ready feeling and performing my daily activities with a healthier feeling and positive outlook.

Roxanne F Jul 24, 2021
Customer since Jan 2017

Hypnosis to Excellerate your Best Life…

I have always been a firm believer in personal growth by using books, workshops, favorite Gurus & even therapy. But—these take lots of time! Through the years, in working with Tamera, I have been able to accelerate my personal & business growth. The outcomes are unbelievable! Like doing a 3-day workshop in 30 minutes! Or 1-year of therapy in 1 session! I have worked with other Hypnotherapists– She definitely involved with her clients at a deeper level. Do this! Its amazing!

JILL O Jun 3, 2021
Customer since Jul 2016

Was a Skeptic

As an engineer I deal in empirical evidence, data. I needed to lose weight and was not having any success on my own. My wife suggested hypnosis with Tamara. Long story short; I stopped gaining weight; and lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. I also totally changed my eating habits. I’m now a believer!

Bob Schiros May 25, 2021
Customer since Apr 2021

Wonderful experience

Tammy is absolutely fabulous. Not only was I able to finally quit smoking for good, but she also helped me improve my sleep and stress levels immensely. She is extremely friendly and accommodating and put me right at ease. I greatly benefited from my sessions with her. I highly recommend her!

Adrienne W Feb 2, 2021
Customer since Oct 2020

Hypnosis Sessions with Tammy

I have never thought about hypnosis but found it relaxing and enlightening! Tammy was professional and tailored each session to my needs. I recommend scheduling time with Tammy.

K.N. Nov 7, 2020
Customer since Sep 2020

Very grateful

I researched hypnotherapist and decided to book an initial 4 sessions with Tammy. I was hesitant at first and didn’t know what to expect. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. So much so that I will be continuing to book sessions. They were performed through zoom at the comfort of my home. I used air pods to listen. It was a positive experience. Tammy is very professional !! I had issues of self doubt and procrastination. I can already notice an improvement.Would highly recommend!!

benjamin carter Sep 14, 2020
Customer since Aug 2020

Permanent Non-Smoker

Today marks 30 days smoke free. I didn’t think I would ever get to this point. After my first session I was able to cut my smoking in half. After my third session I was able to quit completely. I wish I would’ve done this years ago. I am so glad I got in touch with Tammy. She is amazing and truly loves helping people with their addictions. Thank you Tammy for your help giving me strength & courage to overcome this. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Debbie Lentsch Jul 25, 2020
Customer since Jun 2020

Truly an amazing experience!

Come in with an open mind and Tammy will be able to help you succeed. I was able to quit vaping easily with Tammy’s help. She gave me amazing tools to use when i felt cravings that i will continue to use on my journey as a non vaper. I highly recommend tammy and her services.

E.I. Jul 14, 2020
Customer since Jan 2020

Zoom Hypnotherapy

Tammy is great- she’s very professional and tailors each session to your needs! I’ve dealt with self-confidence issues for years and hypnotherapy has finally given me a breakthrough! I love doing each session from the comfort of my own bed. I highly recommend Tammy.. thank you for the awesome work!

brooke d Jun 22, 2020
Customer since Jun 2020

Zoom sessions

My first experience. Tammy was excellent to deal with and accommodating to schedule changes. The process was interesting & so far successful ! For those first time non-believers – try it !! You just got to want it

Jeff O Jun 20, 2020
Customer since May 2020

Focus and Direction

Tammy is first and foremost kind and understanding, professional and knowledgeable. Her consultation uncovered specific needs and she developed a custom plan to move me forward. Highly recommended and greatly appreciated!

Frank Ubaldini Apr 15, 2020
Customer since Oct 2019

Good investment in myself.

I’m happy to have met and benefited from Tammy’s professional help. She helped me to gain a lot of ground in controlling my obsession with eating and making poor dietary choices. She’s able to work directly on your individual needs ands puts you at ease while doing so. I also experienced the side benefit of feeling generally more peaceful. Good choice to work with Tammy. Thanks!

Courtney N Mar 5, 2020
Customer since Feb 2020

Well worth it

I wasn’t sure what to expect when giving Tammy a try. Not a skeptic or I wouldn’t have invested the money, but at the same time not sure that it would help. I was wrong, noticeable improvement after one session and still doing well. Tammy is easy to work with and caring. Scheduling and reminders are also great. Highly recommend.

S.W. Feb 2, 2020
Customer since Dec 2019

From a hypnosis newbie: This works!

This absolutely works and has made a huge difference in my life! From a hypnosis newbie: This works!

Mari Nov 20, 2019
Customer since Sep 2019

Professional and welcoming

Session was pleasant, comfortable and very positive. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in such treatments. Office vibecwas low key and very laid back leading to relaxing feeling and trust in professional.

Mike M Nov 13, 2019
Customer since Nov 2019

From a hypnosis newbie: This works!

I went in for hypnosis as a supplement to my mental health medication and psych therapy. I am absolutely happy that I decided to work hypnosis into my treatment plan. This has been doing wonders for my intense social anxiety and I feel confident and at ease with people for the first time in my life! Give it some thought and a try. It could change your life.

S.R. Oct 2, 2019
Customer since Sep 2019

Smoking cessation

Tamara went above and beyond to make sure I was successful. I could not have done it without her. I was skeptical about doing it online at first but it does work.

Gayle K Aug 23, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019

Positive Experience

Positive experience all around. Tammy is easy to work with and I would highly recommend her services. Thanks!

A.S. Aug 9, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019

Tammy is Awesome!

She helped me with my smoking addiction and I am finally on the road to being a non-smoker! Each session was tailored to help build my confidence and commitment with quitting. Tammy listens and adapts her program to help develop the correct positive messaging and delivers it in a calm and positive manner. Thank you for your support and for giving me my life back without smoking!!

Paul Laraque Jul 15, 2019
Customer since May 2019

Sugar Cravings gone

Tammy is wonderful to work with – she helped me significantly reduce my carb and sugar intake & its the only thing that worked for me. I am enjoying a healthier life without sugar, I just wish I met her earlier – thanks Tammy!

Bob D Jul 2, 2019
Customer since Jun 2019

Insomnia for years

My teenage daughter had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for 5 years. She was not a gamer or on social media. Traditional medicine could not help except giving her prescriptions, however we wanted to try an alternative. Tammy took the time to understand my daughter in a free session. My daughter had to re- learn how to relax and fall asleep, and be able to reproduce that every night. We are very happy with the results after only 3 sessions. Deep all night sleep! Thank you, Tammy!

A.R. Jun 13, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019

Thank you!!!

Excellent results with quitting smoking! Thank you for the experience. Highly recommend St Pete Hypnosis.

D.C. Jun 8, 2019
Customer since May 2019

Very Helpful

I have had 2 sessions so far with Tammy to help me with quitting smoking. I have been a long time smoker and consider myself highly addicted. While I still have some work to do, Tammy has been able to start to help me move forward with quitting. I have made some good progress and have drastically cut back already!! I believe she will succeed with helping me make my goals which is why I am sticking with her!! She understands my needs and adjusts each session to help me be successful!

Paul Laraque May 19, 2019
Customer since May 2019

White Coat Syndrome Relief

For decades I have suffered from severe white coat syndrome that resulted in very elevated blood pressure readings in the doctor’s office. So high, in fact, that I feared a stroke. (At home, my blood pressure is completely normal.) Tammy has helped me address the root causes of my irrational fear and taught me how to control both the situation and my own reactions to it.

David May 9, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019

Highly recommend Tammy

She helped me within a few weeks. I have had claustrophobia all my life and now can ride in elevators no problem. Well worth it.

Dena L May 5, 2019
Customer since Mar 2019

Excellent results.

I went to Tammy for help with several issues. Two of these were insomnia and my life long addiction to Pepsi and other soft drinks. Since the first session I have not had 1 soft drink and I have slept better than I have in years. She is very good at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Tony A May 4, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019

Test anxiety relieved!

I had a MAJOR, job dependent practical/hands on medical test I HAD to pass to keep my job. Imagine the amount of stress that comes with knowing that your entire life can change in an instant.house, food, car, lifestyle (not extravagant but nevertheless). I was a wreck for weeks prior to the test. Had one session w Tammy and after that I was relaxed, not anxious or nervous and remained that was until test time. And by the way, I passed! I would say give it a try…it can’t hurt!

Kameron Steele Apr 29, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019

Stop biting my nails

I went to Tammy to help me stop this unsightly habit of biting my nails. I have been doing this habit for over 50 years and nothing has worked. I tried false nails, the awful tasting nail polish and nothing stopped me. After my first session of hypnosis I didn’t have the urge to bit my nails and to this day I finally have beautiful nails!! I never thought that I would ever quite but with Tammy’s sessions I have. If you have a habit you would like to break I would highly recommend Tammy!!

Pamela H Apr 24, 2019
Customer since Mar 2019

Quit Smoking

I went to Tammy to help me quit smoking over 3 & 1/2 years ago and I’m still smoke free. I had been smoking since I was 12 and literally tried everything else to quit smoking, but at best, I could never shake wanting to smoke on occasion, or whenever I drank alcohol, and that would always lead me back into a full on smoking habit again. I tried Chantix, vaping, cold turkey, the patch, the gum, and nothing worked as well for me as hypnosis. Since hypnosis I’ve not smoked one more cigarette!

Ashley Mar 14, 2019
Customer since May 2015

Stop smoking

I have been a smoker for most of 45 years. I have tried to quit several times only to go right back. I am from Oklahoma and on vacation in Florida. I saw Dr Shadday’s sign last year and could not wait to come back an get an appointment. There are hipnosis centers in Oklahoma but I was just drawn to Tamara. She is very professional and does a wonderful job. If you really want to quit smoking , I highly recommend you call for an appointment.

Sharon R Feb 21, 2019
Customer since Feb 2019

Help with nightmares and weightloss success!

I was recently treated with hypnotherapy by Tamara for nightmares. I have not had a single nightmare since! Hypnotherapy has been more successful than traditional therapy for me. I was skeptical about whether or not it would work and have been delighted in the results. We are now working on weight loss by a reduction in sweets. So far so good! Tamara has a kind and gentle spirit. I definitely recommend her services!

J.K. Jan 11, 2019
Customer since Nov 2018

My experience

Tammy is great. I went to her for help with weight management. After the first visit I noticed that the things that I used to crave were not a problem. I baked brownies and wasn’t even tempted to lick the bowl or eat anyvof them. By the third visit I feel great. I have the confidence in myself to release the weight.

K.T. Dec 11, 2018
Customer since Nov 2018

When all else fails…

When I finally quit smoking last year, I put on weight and was desperate that I could not use cigarettes to altar my unhealthy eating habits. I had tried everything except hypnosis. I was a bit sceptical that anything would help me, but remember I was feeling desperate, so I picked up the phone and set a free consult with Tammy. I was impressed with her logic, and proceeded with 4 sessions. I can honestly say hypnosis has helped more than anything. Give Tammy a call, she will not disappoint!

Lois B Nov 28, 2018
Customer since Oct 2018

Weight loss

Tamara has helped me to evaluate my problems with my weight. Looking forward to my furture and taking off my weight thanks to her installing the confidence in me by hypnosis. She is very professional and very caring.

Jeannine F Oct 9, 2018
Customer since Sep 2018

Conquering Lifes Hurdles

Traditional Therapy is great—but I have found that Hypnotherapy works deeper—tying in my subconscious thoughts. This has helped me to change behaviors on limiting beliefs and really see results in my life. The customized sessions that I am able to get at St Pete Hypnosis have truly been life changing and reliant. I definitely would recommend this for spring boarding your minds challenges into an elevated place.

Jill O Oct 9, 2018
Customer since Jul 2016


Tammy has been great. We are almost at the 2 month mark and remain a permanent non-smoker. Would highly recommend if you are serious about quitting.

Linda Kapa Aug 27, 2018
Customer since Jan 2017

36 Hours Smokefree

I’ve been a smoker for 17 years. I’ve only tried to quit once before (with Chantix). It didn’t work. Chantix did what it was supposed to do, but I just wasn’t ready to give the cigarettes up. This time I was ready. I chose to do hypnosis this time, along with Chantix, and it has worked! I’m 36 hours smokefree, which is unheard for me! I have not willingly gone one day without a cigarette in over 15 years; so even 36 hours is a huge milestone for me. Thank you, Tammy!!!

Ryan W Aug 9, 2018
Customer since Jul 2018


I have had my consultation with Tamara and I was very impressed with her. I have even talked to my boss and he wants to quit smoking also. I am so excited for my session and I know that it will reach the area of my brain that will finally make it work.

Carolyn Karn Jun 9, 2018
Customer since Jun 2018

So worth it

Stopped smoking and feel great😀 So worth the price.Totally relaxing. I am so happy and so grateful

J.E. Mar 2, 2018
Customer since Feb 2018

Wonderful first meet

They see first impressions are important. I felt completely comfortable and I’m not one that is comforted easy. She was so sweet almost like an earthly aunt. Radiated kindness. I look forward to our next meeting.

V.B. Jan 30, 2018
Customer since Jan 2018

Clear Depth

A very wonderful experience. Tammy is professional. I look forward to my next session. The room she works in is also beautiful. I highly recommend her!

C.H. Nov 19, 2017
Customer since Nov 2017

Bridge fear

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is seeing Tammy. I have had a lifelong fear of bridges. After moving to St. Petersburg, where there are bridges everywhere, I decided to try hypnosis. I had no experience with hypnosis, but decided I had nothing to lose. I am thrilled to tell you that, while the Sunshine Skyway is still not my favorite thing, I am no longer sobbing on the floor of the car. I can even look out! The other smaller bridges are no problem. This is a miracle! I highly

D.P. Oct 22, 2017
Customer since Oct 2015

Stop Smoking

So far it’s been 2 1/2 hours since I’ve smoked (and since my session), I’m confident it will work as she has helped me in the past. She is always helpful and I look forward to working with her again on my other issues.

Ann Haney Aug 10, 2017
Customer since Mar 2015

First encounter

I was greeted with a warm smile and the scent of lavender. I found the office to be inviting. Tammy has a very calming effect.

Jeanette Vega Jul 18, 2017
Customer since Jul 2017

This is the path to acheive your goals!

I went to Tammy at St. Pete Hypnosis to assist me to quit smoking. It was a great experience and I am now smoke free! Highly recommended to assist in acheivement of any of your goals!

H.L. Jul 7, 2017
Customer since May 2017

Big Help!

Very Positive experience to assist in my smoking sessation goals. highly recommended! If you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, you’ve come to the right place!

H.L. Jul 1, 2017
Customer since May 2017

Great experience!

I did not think I could be hypnotized but boy was I wrong! It was a great experience-hard to describe-but very pleasant and relaxing– also kinda “trippy” to use a phrase from the 60’s lol. Thank you Tammy.

J.R. Jun 19, 2017
Customer since May 2017


Two days after my first session I stopped smoking easily. It’s been three weeks now and I’ve not had a problem staying off nicotine. Tami is very friendly and very professional and as far as I’m concerned, a life saver! If YOU want to make a change this is a great place to invest in yourself.

P.B. May 27, 2017
Customer since May 2017


I had an excellent experience. Tammy is professional, kind and full of positive energy. I highly recommend her you want to quit smoking.

R.C. May 18, 2017
Customer since Apr 2017

My experience….

Wow!… Tammy is amazing! I was hypnotized by her 5 years ago and came back to her with a different issue because she is that good! The whole experience with the headphones and Tammy’s voice was phenomenal! She’s given me the best hypnosis I’ve ever experienced!

Deb C May 17, 2017
Customer since May 2017

I’m a Believer

I have had two sessions with Tammy to deal with anxiety issues. I am feeling so much more relaxed and have a positive state of mind. Tammy put me at ease, answered my questions directly and truly seems to care about my success. I am very pleased with this experience.

K.V. Apr 5, 2017
Customer since Mar 2017

What an experience!

This was an incredible experience! Health, wealth, success hypnosis. Tammy is unbelievable and have never been in that state in my life. She was extremely helpful and customized exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Tammy, I will be back!

Steve M Mar 26, 2017
Customer since Mar 2017

Can you say amazing?!

Met Tammy for the first time yesterday. Feel like I’ve known her all my life. She is so real and down to earth. Can’t wait to work with her, and use her as a very important tool in my weight “release” journey.

Donna P Jan 1, 2017
Customer since Dec 2016


It was my first time. I was skeptical but hopeful. On the drive home I was surprised to find positive thoughts coming into my mind. I wasn’t trying to make anything happen, just staying open and it worked! Eight hours later it’s still working.

Ben Aug 20, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016


I went to see Tammy in pure desperation in order to stop smoking. I had tried everything. I was apprehensive after my first session as I continued to smoke. After my 3rd session with Tammy, I am now a permanent non-smoker! This is my 23rd day! Tammy, you have changed my life forever! My family and I are so thankful! I have bought a treadmill with the money I am saving on the poison!!! You have changed my life!

Susan G Jun 21, 2016
Customer since Jun 2016

Very Pleasant Experience

I needed to see Tammy to control my stress and for weight loos. I had gained a lot in the past year. After talking with her at the consultation, she had already given me “homework” to help with the session I schedule for a week later. The actual session was VERY pleasant. I felt wonderful after I left. I noticed changes the next day. I was not eating as much and felt a sense of well being. I will definitely go back to her!

A.F. May 18, 2016
Customer since Apr 2016

2 month update

2 months still smoke free! IT WORKS! I now am running for the very first time in my life and I joined a gym. Thank you Tamara, so very much. You changed my life.

Kelly Moser Mar 30, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016


Was having trouble staying focused and also the stress levels that I experienced were becoming overwhelming. Thanks to a session with Tammy, these problems are starting to abate. She has given me techniques to continue fighting these two problems. Whatever problems you might be experiencing, Tammy can help you overcome them. TAMMY IS THE GREATEST!!!

Michael Reed Feb 16, 2016
Customer since Jul 2011


YES!!!!!!! I am on my 3rd day and it has been amazing. After over 30 years of smoking, I can’t believe I DON’T SMOKE! I smell good, I sleep good, I do have cravings but not like I thought I would and they fade so fast Tamara is my angel. I will update you on the progress in a month or so. Thank You

Kelly Moser Feb 1, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016

so excited to become a non smoker!

Met with Tamara yesterday and we start tomorrow! I am so excited. Have tried to quit smoking for so long and now I am really ready. Tamara is a sweetheart and I felt so very comfortable with her. I will update on the progress for sure:)

Kelly Moser Jan 14, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016


My hypnosis from Tammy stuck the second time. It was my fault hanging around with the smokers at break. That was stupid. The second time I followed her guidelines to a T and the rest is history! I have been off the cancer sticks now since July 17th thanks to Tammy. Frankly, with the way I feel and the way I smell( or lack of) I am so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal finally!! THANKS TAMMY!!

Robert M Nov 7, 2015
Customer since May 2015

Bridge fear no more

I went to Tammy to get relief from a life-long terror of bridges. After just two sessions, I was less anxious when crossing bridges. After the third session, I was able to ride across the Skyway bridge (which previously had put me in a huddle on the floor of the car) and even look out at the water without being afraid. Thank you, Tammy!

D.P. Nov 6, 2015
Customer since Oct 2015

Happily smoke free

I went to Tammy to quit smoking about 5 months ago. I am still happily smoke free!i It’s amazing that I haven’t had cravings. The thought to smoke occasionally occurs but I’m easily able to say “No!” I am definitely satisfied and feel the hypnosis sessions were worth it.

Lynne Nov 4, 2015
Customer since Jun 2015

Life Changing

Absolutely Life Changing. I Am enjoying life much more now and appreciating all that comes my way. If you want to change what is around you and the experiences you have you must verse change your habits and thoughts inside. Tammy is a wonderful person and will help you see that.

J.H. Aug 30, 2015
Customer since Jun 2015

A wonderful and amazing experience.

Hypnotherapy has changed my life for the positive! This is a must do for anyone suffering with weight management, positivity, health and smoking! Tammy has a true gift to help others through hypnosis.

E. Nolan May 19, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015

I feel amazing!!!

After two stop smoking treatments I feel great! More relaxed in general than I have felt in some time. Tammy is so fantastic! She’s funny, inviting, engaging… Most of all supportive and comforting. I’m terribly excited for my last appointment tomorrow and looking forward to a smoke free lunch life! Thank you so much Tammy!

Rhonda S May 1, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015

smoking cessation

I went in to try and quit smoking and so far it is the only process I’ve tried that is working. With all other options exhausted this is the only one that is working for me. I can now tell people that I’m a non-smoker and it feels good, I don’t want to bite anybody’s head off. Thank you so much Tammy. Would definitely recommend to friends.

Bob Fair Apr 23, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

Smoking Cessation

What an interesting, and successful, way to quit smoking. Skeptic, I was, but Tammy is so understanding of what you’re going through and adapts each session based on your experiences with her in the previous session. She gives you “homework” between each session which helps tremendously. We’ve tried to quit smoking with all other options out there and we are so glad we chose to work with Tammy.

Cindy L Feb 23, 2014
Customer since Feb 2014

hyonosis to stop smoking

I had two sessions and it worked for me. I have not had a smoke in three weeks and I am doing great. I would tell everyone who really wants to quit to come here. It really works.

d.z. Feb 8, 2014
Customer since Jan 2014

Stress Reduction & Smoking Cessation

Tammy is truly amazing! She is passionate, positive & gifted. She asks many questions to clearly understand your goals with hypnosis. She explained the entire process and put me at ease. After our first session, I felt extremely peaceful & relaxed. The session proved to be a very valuable experience and I am very grateful to Tammy. I look forward to our following session which will focus primarily on smoking cessation. Thank you so much Tammy! Love, Peace and Blessings ~

Valerie R Aug 16, 2013
Customer since Aug 2010

After smoking 35+ years, I never believed it was possible..

I am a nonsmoker now, thanks to Tammy and St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center. Smoke free for over 3.5 months at this date, phenomenal considering I smoked for over 35 years! Tammy is wonderful, thorough and is very in depth, literally creating a specific hypnotherapy treatment based specifically on each individual. She is kind, personable and thorough, the atmosphere relaxing.. you can’t ask for any thing more! She made this a relaxing, peaceful experience, filled with strength of mind.

Jennifer B. Jun 26, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013

Stopped Smoking Permanently

We quit smoking permanently with Tamara’s help. My husband and I were hypnotized together in comfortable recliners in the same room. Because we were able to stop smoking at the same time we were able to support each other. All cravings have stopped and I haven’t gained weight. Tamara made sure I didn’t start eating to compensate. Hypnosis is very relaxing and alot of fun to do with someone you love.

R.W. Dec 29, 2012
Customer since Dec 2012

An amazing experience….

I came out of the hypnotic state saying “Wow that was amazing… I feel great!” I have been to several hypnotists but Tamara was incredible! Her voice is unbelievable! Can’t wait to see her again on Wed!

Debbie C Aug 21, 2012
Customer since Aug 2012

Excellence in service!

I just had my free consultation and I was so pleased and can’t say enough about how I was welcomed and treated! I was provided with all information and all questions were answered. Now I can’t wait to start my smoking cessation!

Kathy A Jul 25, 2012
Customer since Jul 2012

AMAZED to Find I Could Enjoy Coffee Without WANTING A Cigarette

I can’t thank you enough for helping me quit smoking. You gave me everything I needed. I was amazed to find I could even enjoy a cup of coffee without ‘wanting’ a cigarette! People frequently ask me if I’m still off the cigarettes … I am so proud and grateful to say and know that I will never smoke again. My daughter recently went to a hypnotherapist, but within two weeks was smoking again. I wish she was in Florida and could go to you. You are tops in your field. Thank you for everything 🙂

Teri Lake Jun 30, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

Meet and Greet Session to stop smoking

My initial session at St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center was great. I am new to hypnosis and by the time the first session was over I felt comfortable enough to move forward. I look forward to the next session and getting started with my journey to stop smoking. Ms. Shadday is a very personable person as if you have known her for years.

L.H. May 19, 2012
Customer since May 2012

What An Amazing, Transformative Hypnotherapy Session!

Tamara has an amazing, soothing voice that leads you into a meditative state. Tamara was a real treat and proof positive that the subconscious mind really does respond to hypnosis. I highly recommend her and I am going to continue coming to her on a regular basis 🙂 Because of Tamara, I am on the road to recovery. After that one session I feel so much better about my life and the people in it. Thanks, Tamara!

Susan Sabella Apr 17, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

Weight Loss

I just had my 1st Hypnosis session at St Petersburg Hypnosis Center and found it to be a very postive experience. I have used Hypnosis in the past to quit smoking with great success and want to work on some current issues. I found Tamara Shadday to be very delightful and the enviroment relaxing. I look forward to my next appointment with Ms Shadday.

Annette Hubbard Feb 4, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012


I was very comfortable with Tamara and am looking to my next appointments. I have used hypnosis in the past and will be smoke free within the week. Thank you.

Joyce Clark Dec 19, 2011
Customer since Dec 2011

Is HYPNOSIS for you?

If you have never experienced hypnosis, an adventure awaits you. Keep an open mind to the help you can receive. I have found hypnosis to be life changing, and wonder why at sixty-one I did not seek this sooner. I would rate Tamara in the category of excellent. Not only is she gifted in the area of hypnosis, but she truly cares about helping those who come to her. Call St. Petersburg Hypnosis and accomplish changes in your life that you will never regret. I would bet my booty on it!!!!!

Michael Reed Aug 4, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011

Tamara is Truly Gifted ….. Immediate Results

It was a complete pleasure working with Tamara, she set my mind and nerves at ease within moments. I am very happy with how things are working out from my hypnosis, seeing results immediately, she is truly gifted and I am so happy to have found her to help me.

Julie R. Jan 27, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Professional and punctual.Tamara instills confidence.Hypnosis worked for me years ago and I’m confident I will succeed again.Look forward to our next session! Thanks!!

Jay Y Jan 5, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

better than i expected

I came to Tamara for help with smoking cessation. I know that I’ve finally found the help that I needed and I won’t have to battle cigarettes anymore!

Nichole Moore Jan 5, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010


I was quite pleased to meet Tamara and enjoyed our consultation. She has a gift for relaxing you right from the start with the tone of her voice and her general acceptance of what you are saying. I think that there is stress anytime you meet someone for the first time and there didn’t seem to be any from the first few minutes we talked. I’m looking forward to our sessions.

Brenda Alcorn Aug 6, 2010
Customer since Jul 2010

Wonderful experience

Meeting with Tamara was a wonderful experience. It was my first time hypno-therapy session and I’m going to continue in order to reach my goals. It was amazing.

Laura Scott Apr 12, 2010
Customer since Mar 2010

My first hypno-therapy

I enjoyed meeting Tammy and felt quite comfortable with her. I was able to reach a point of excellent relaxation. I do recall many of the images and feelings I had and am able to key in them even now. I will recommend her to others.

Priscilla Palmer Apr 6, 2010
Customer since Mar 2010

Quit Smoking

Matt and I just want to share with you that “Hypnosis” works. We really were not sure but we called and set up an appointment with Tamara Shadday, St Petersburg Hypnosis Center, and we are glad we did. It’s been 35 days and still no smoking! It works and we are greatful for Tamara. If you want to quit, call her. We look forward to living smoke free from now on. Thank you, Tamara!

Matt & Sharon Getchell Feb 5, 2010
Customer since Dec 2009

Hypnosis is Fun and It Helped me With My Issues

I’ve never slept better than after my hypnosis session. I highly recommend hypnosis with Tamara at the St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center. I dealt with issues in my past relationship and am healing from those and it has improved my current relationship.

Virginia Wood Aug 4, 2009
Customer since Aug 2009

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