Hypnosis For Improving Sleep Issues

It is so annoying not to be able to get a good night’s sleep, especially if you know that during the next day, you have a full schedule that will require you to have your full focus and a lot of energy.

It is doubly frustrating if you have already started to doze off, and suddenly in the middle of the night, you are wide awake. When you can’t get back to sleep, and lay there trying to force yourself back to sleep.



Quality sleep, is an important element of one’s health, and can’t be understated. It is very much a biological necessity, much like nutritious food and water.

If every day you struggle with going to sleep at night, or waking up in the middle of the night unable to return to sleep. Hypnosis can possibly help. Because adequate sleep is a requirement for you to be able to accomplish your daily basic functions.

They say most people should be getting 8 hours of sleep (equivalent to 5 to 6 sleep cycles) every night, and you can’t thrive for the long term if you get a whole lot less than that.


You are also impaired to enjoy a full night’s sleep if you wake up in the middle of the night and you are unable to get right back to sleep. You probably feel so downright frustrated when this happens!


It could include jet lag because you traveled from one time zone to another. Long naps during the day, excessive consumption of alcohol (REM sleep is blocked) and too much caffeine (remains in your system for 12 hours), you simply get in the habit of not sleeping well are also causes of sleep issues.

Having too much anxiousness and stress that burdens you before you go to sleep also hampers your ability to get a good night’s restful sleep. Having too many concerns on your mind while in bed will make you struggle to doze off to dreamland.

It can become a vicious cycle or habit that will drive you crazy every night.


It will have a destructive impact on your quality of life. You will struggle with poor memory and concentration, you will deal with mood irritability, drowsiness during productive hours of the daytime, low energy and your efficiency in doing your tasks will be greatly hampered.

You don’t want this kind of life to go on for a long time.

Studies have also shown that a person with sleep issues may be 3 to 5 times more likely to figure in an accident because of poor management of sensory facilities.

Lack of sleep will also take its toll on your appearance: bloodshot eyes that look puffy, dark circles under your eyes, and a dull complexion.

This is because during your sleeping time, your body reacts positively by producing more collagen to replenish your skin cells.

When you don’t sleep well you may not lose weight like you want to. Sleep is important to metabolic function./p>

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You might have tried several remedies or adjusted to lifestyle changes, but it seems that adequate sleep never gets fulfilled for you.

We recommend trying hypnosis as an effective treatment for your sleep issues. It has been a life changer for countless of our clients here at St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center LLC who have discovered and have reaped the benefits of this type of hypnosis for sleep issues. Even clients who are coming to us for other things are countlessly reporting they are sleeping better and deeper each night.

Our clients have reported significant improvements in several sleep parameters. Like a decrease in sleep onset latency (the time you need to fall asleep) and an increase in sleep quality, sleep efficiency and overall total sleeping time.

Hypnosis also helps your body adapt well to stress by producing a normalizing effect on your body processes. This is ideal if the reason for your sleep problems is anxiousness because adequate sleep maintains healthy cortisol levels which induces resistance to anxiousness.

You may also notice a decreased susceptibility to colds, infections and diseases.


Sleep hypnosis from St. Petersburg Hypnosis Center LLC produces maximum productive effects for you when combined with good sleep hygiene practices that you can commit to.

You can minimize your caffeine and alcohol intake (and also several hours before your bedtime). Take a warm relaxing bath and stay away from TV and electronic devices before plunging into bed. Pledge to a fixed sleep schedule so that your body rhythm will not be confused.


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