Using Hypnosis to Manage Pain

Many people wonder if hypnosis can work for pain control. Let’s discuss the nature of pain first. Being able to feel and sense pain is essential to our everyday survival. Pain alerts our brain to bodily insults and injuries, which may be internal (such as appendicitis or a sprain) or external (such as getting too close to fire). Our pain responses evolved to keep us out of harm’s way, to stop the actions that lead to bodily injury, and to preserve good health and our lives.

Since these physical injuries could be life-threatening, our pain signals send different levels of intensity so we can quickly recognize, assess a situation, and take immediate action as needed.

There are two types of pain:

Acute or new pain warns you that your body received an injury so you can stop doing whatever activity that caused the pain.

Chronic pain continues long after the pain signal has given the warning. Chronic pain lingers long after the physical problem has been treated medically, and the warning is no longer needed.  Arthritis or serious back Injuries are examples of chronic pain conditions.

The perception of pain has two parts:

First, there is the sensation of something uncomfortable happening to a specific part of your body. Second, there are your physical and emotional reactions to the signals of discomfort.

When we experience chronic pain cycle, we also begin to react emotionally to the stress. This leads to feelings of anxiousness, frustration, a sense of hopelessness, and fear that the pain will never stop. Over time, chronic pain leads to feelings of helplessness and sadness.

The pain cycle is like a mini-tornado spinning up out of control. The sensation of pain causes you to begin feeling stressed, and the increased stress causes you body to tighten up. In turn, this causes you to feel more stress, fear and anxiousness, which produces even more stress and tension. Pain becomes a vicious cycle, often affecting our ability to sleep, which further affects our energy and our ability to cope and recover.

Hypnosis allows you to enter a state of profound mental and physical relaxation. The pain cycle is interrupted, and your body and mind returns to a more relaxed state. You can regain control of your life.

My approach to using hypnosis for natural pain control and pain relief is initially to guide you into a pleasant and comfortable state of comfort. With hypnosis and its deep relaxation, you’ll learn exercises in self-hypnosis and self-relaxation that will meet your individual needs. Together, we can explore different methods and techniques of coping with your discomfort that can lead you to feeling more pain free.


Medical Referral Needed for Physical and/or Mental Illness or Disease.



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