Using Hypnosis to Relieve Stress

It is an unfortunate aspect of modern life that negative stress plays an increasing part in many peoples lives. Even the most laid back and chilled out people in the world experience negative stress and anxiousness once in a while.

However, it is helpful to know that your stress can be made to disappear with hypnosis. Use the following and enjoy the improvement in your stress levels.

As a starter – clarify precisely what positive change you want to make. More specifically, identify the “trigger’ for when you will feel this positive feeling This could be for example, when the boss walks into the office and you want to feel relaxed, or when you get up to deliver that crucial presentation.

It is crucial that you make sure the way you want to feel is something that you have felt previously so that you can easily recreate it.

– Tips for Going Under – Stage One

1. Maintain focus on a spot on the wall, keeping your head and eyes facing forward. Gradually allow yourself to notice the things either side

2. Ensure that you keep expanding your peripheral vision until you can see 180 degrees.

3. Allow yourself to notice any new sounds and to pay attention to the sensation of feeling your back against the chair, bed or floor

4. Now allow yourself to imagine a 360 degree picture of your surroundings whilst maintaining your focus on looking forward

– Tips for Going Under – Stage Two

5. Take a deep breath and hold, then exhale and let go of all tension. Repeat this process five times.

6. Allow your eyes and the muscles around them to completely relax. When fully relaxed close your eyes and maintain that relaxation.

7. Next – briefly open your eyes and each time you subsequently close them, instruct yourself to double your relaxation. Repeat this process five times.

8. Allow the whole of your body to increasingly relax and to become heavier and heavier.

* How to achieve your Goal

Whilst in this relaxed state you can communicate directly with your subconscious in order to achieve your desired goals.. Replay the desired scenario in your imagination and maintain a focus on the feeling of being totally assured.

Repetition is crucial – keep playing the desired scenario until it becomes second nature. See it, feel it , sense it – get a complete idea of everything that you would see and hear whilst reviewing the scenario. Visualise success calmness and competence throughout the scenario

* Waking up and coming back to base

To return to conscious awareness, begin to imagine a light on either side of the darkness accompanied by a cool breeze blowing over you. This should assist in your body beginning to gradually awaken step by step.

Now open your eyes and look around the room taking in all its details. Finish by allowing yourself a moment to really enjoy your new-relaxed attitude

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