World Hypnotism Day January 4th

World Hypnotism Day is January 4th and was created to promote the incredible benefits of hypnosis.  Hypnotists and Consulting Hypnotists worldwide will use their gift to bring awareness of the uses and benefits of hypnosis. World Hypnotism Day is a date for education, improvement, and assistance to those who are looking to improve themselves and the quality of their lives.

Hypnosis has many benefits and can improve your quality of life. The many uses and benefits of hypnosis are endless. Some of the most common uses and benefits of hypnosis include:

Smoking Cessation

Stress Relief

Natural healing from injury and illness as adjunct to your current medical care
Weight management
Mental and physical relaxation
Panic and anxiousness relief
Increased immune system function

Sports enhancement
Increased energy
Improved logic, reasoning, memory and creativity
Better focus and concentration
Emotional healing from trauma
Improved mood
Behavior modification for undesirable behaviors (including habits)
Strengthen positive behaviors
Pain management
Gain confidence

Age or Past Life Regression

Another great use and benefit of hypnosis is that it can prepare you for a future event. For example, if you have a public speaking engagement, but you are nervous speaking in front of speaking, hypnosis can help. Your mind will rehearse the event so you are confident that you will speak smoothly and persuasively. On the day of the speaking engagement, you will feel relaxed and assured with the confidence of knowing you will perform at your peak. This is possible because your mind is an amazing, complex machine which does not realize the difference between the rehearsals and the actual event. When the event day arrives, your mind thinks it has been through this exact situation before and does not send out alarm signals. Those alarm signals are what makes us stress, sweat, tremble, and lose mental focus in certain situations.

Hypnosis is not dangerous, and you are not giving up control of yourself by being hypnotized. Hypnosis is a heightened state of relaxation that is best described as daydreaming. You are in another world, but you are still aware of what is happening around you. During hypnosis, you remain conscious and are simply open to suggestion. So if you have a desire to improve your life hypnosis is a wonderful modality to get you on the road to success with your desires.

Hypnosis is a wonderful alternative to dangerous medications and is adjunct to your current medical treatment. World Hypnotism Day offers a great opportunity for you to discover how hypnosis can help you overcome your difficulties in life and attain the success you have always dreamed of with the help of hypnosis.


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