Stage Fright

The common fear of public speaking is called glossophobia (or, informally, “stage fright”). As Jerry Seinfeld said: “The average person at a funeral would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.”


When you speak in public, do you experience…

Sweaty palms …. Rapid Heartbeat …. Thoughts Racing …. Memory Loss ….. Feeling of Going Blank….. Hands Shaking

Many people want to know,

“can hypnosis help me conquer my fear of public speaking?”

The answer to that is a resounding “yes,” hypnosis is a proven method for overcoming stage fright.

For one reason or another, an event or thought in your past, and your brain has learned to provide you with this fight or flight response when you speak in public.

Instead of appropriate levels of adrenalin and excitement to optimize your performance, you get a fear response like you’re being attacked or are in danger.

Everything in your body and mind is saying “run away!!!”. But you can’t, you have to ignore your ‘fight or flight’ response and stay put and give your speech. And what’s more, you hope to sound eloquent and informed. Not easy. Pretty Impossible in fact with the way you have been programmed.

So here’s what we do about it…

Your brain simply needs to be re-educated into the right sort of reactions for public speaking. We teach your brain how to alter it’s adrenalin response to the stress of the public speaking situation – how to produce an appropriate amount of adrenalin so that you can perform at your best. With the use of Hypnosis you can release this negative pattern and reprogram the subconscious mind (That is where all habits are formed) with the new behavior of self confidence in public speaking…


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