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You may have heard about weight loss success stories and gastric band surgery. If you’ve wished there was a way to get the same results without surgery, you should consider the Hypno-Band Program, which achieves similar results. This program is perfect for people who do not want surgery, or who cannot have the surgery due to other health conditions.

Hypno-Band utilizes three different modalities such as:

Behavior Modification – changing the way you think about food, and learning new eating habits.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – changing your language and thoughts related to food and weight loss. You will learn how to live with a healthier relationship with food.

Hypnosis – utilizes the power of your subconscious mind to change your limiting beliefs about your weight loss and to re-train your brain to make your stomach feel smaller and feel fuller.

The program does require a trained Hypno-Band practitioner. The program is carried out over four sessions after an initial FREE Consultation, made up of behavior modification sessions coupled with the unique Hypno-Band hypnosis sessions.

This unique weight loss approach is actually a process – a journey to learn about yourself and your eating habits, discover the underlying reasons behind them, and get a clear understanding on how they have developed. Much of what lies behind this method are the behavior changes you’ll adopt before and after your hypnosis sessions. The behavior modification is aimed at breaking existing bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier ones.

Many people struggle to lose weight as they try diet after diet without any success. Part of the problem is they are addressing the limiting part of their mind. They force their weight loss within their conscious mind (which is only 10% of our brain power). All of your beliefs, habits, and emotions about food lie in the subconscious mind ( which makes up 90% of our brain power) .

Overweight people share specific, common habits. Overweight people tend to make bad food decisions that have been imprinted as habits in their way of life. These choices include skipping meals, drinking sodas, eating sugary and salt, greasy snacks, etc. They may make poor food choices on a daily basis. They eat their food quickly, and before they finish the meal in front of them, they are already thinking about and planning their next meal.

The Hypno-Band Program teaches you how to stop your self-sabotaging thoughts and the negative self-talk. You will learn how to stop berating yourself up and think about the consequences of your choices, take back control of impulsive eating habits, and change your relationship with food forever.

This specialized program retrains your subconscious mind to help you make the right choices to eat a balanced diet and feel full naturally without the dangers of risky surgery.

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